Zach Williams Official Merchandise

Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater CD


Live recording of Zach Williams playing Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater. 


  1. Big Tent Revival (Live)
  2. Less Like Me (Live)
  3. Old Church Choir (Live)
  4. Stand Up (Live)
  5. Fear Is Liar (Live) 
  6. Testimony (Live) 
  7. Rescue Story (Live)
  8. There Was Jesus (Live)
  9. Slave To Nothing (Live)
  10. The Father's Love (Live)
  11. Heart of God (Live)
  12. Lookin' For You (Live)
  13. Jesus' Fault (feat. Ben Fuller)[Live]
  14. Under My Feet (Live)
  15. Stand My Ground (Live)
  16. Baptized (Live)
  17. Chain Breaker (Live)
  18. Communion (Live)
  19. Flesh and Bone (We Remember) [Live]

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